Construction Contracts

Construction ContractsRun your contracting business profitably and efficiently by using serious construction contracts and contractor forms.

Solid forms and contracts protect your  business, protect your crews, and most importantly, protect your profits.

Bidding and Estimating

Bidding and Cost EstimatingPrecise cost estimating and competitive job bidding are the keys to big profits.

You need up-to-date current material and labor costs for your location to get that edge. Use professional cost books and estimating software to generate tight bids that win the job and protect your income.

Building Codes

Building Codes - Residential, Commercial, Electrical, Plumbing, InternationalUsing the current building codes eliminates permit and inspection headaches, avoids callbacks, and protect profits.

Never get caught short again - find all the most up-to-date building codes for every area of construction: residential, commercial, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and international.

Building Trades

Building Trades - Framing, Roofing, Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC, Painting, Drywall, Finish Carpentry, Heavy Construction and more.Industrial-strength guides and resources help you keep up with the best and most efficient methodology for any Building Trade. Find guides, manuals, videos, costbooks and software for every trade, including Framing, Roofing, Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC, Painting, Drywall, Finish Carpentry, Heavy Construction and more.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement, Renovation, Restyling and RepairWith more homeowners choosing to renovate and repair instead of build new, Home Improvement is the fastest-growing niche in construction.

Renovation is a different animal than new construction , and you can get a fat slice of this ever-growing pie - do the job right, fast and easy, with these comprehensive guides, manuals, videos and software.

Small and Medium Contractors are our specialty!

Whether you're new to the building trades or a seasoned general contractor with your own construction company, a handyman or an international developer, we have the essential construction contractors information, tools, community and resources you need to keep your construction business humming and take it to the next level.

Your construction contracting business is your livelihood, so let us help you work smarter, not harder! You need specialized construction knowledge, specialized contractor tools, and a whole lot of smart elbow grease to build your construction business right and keep it growing strong. You want to stay on the cutting edge, and ahead of your competition.

Get the hard-to-find construction forms, contractor contracts, reference manuals, construction books, licensing guides, and cost estimating software you've been looking for, fast and easy!

Choose from over 150 top building industry books and construction software programs in over 20 major categories, and download and use over 100 field-tested contractor forms and construction contracts, written by pros for pros. They understand what you face every day, so you can use their expert knowledge to increase your bottom line!

Accurate, reliable, convenient, and risk-free.


National Estimators - Construction Cost EstimatingGet your 2013 COST ESTIMATOR today!


Construction Contracts and Contractor Forms


New & Improved: Contractor Form Packs are available for immediate download!

See sample images for each form and construction contract

The Contractor Form Packs contain the essential documents you'll use again and again, including:

The Contractor Form Packs are electronic files that become available to you immediately after you place your order - just click the "Download" button on the confirmation page.  No waiting for the postman, no shipping and handling fees.  Just order, download, install the pack, and use!

The forms and contract files inside each Form Pack are in both Microsoft Word and Rich Text, the world's most widely used document formats, compatible with all industry-standard document editing software!

The forms all have a uniform look and feel, so you can quickly and easily customize your forms for a clean professional look:

  • Include your company info and logo
  • Delete anything that doesn't suit your needs
  • Add anything special you do need
  • Change the layout and formatting any way you like
  • Make and print all the custom copies you want!

Just order, download and use - no waiting, get started right away.

California Contractors Form Pack: Forms and contracts that comply with all the new California Civil Code requirements. These are the forms California contractors been asking us for!


Construction Cost Estimator


Fast, Powerful, Accurate and Affordable! Go from estimate to bid to invoice at the click of a mouse.    

Contractor bids require up-to-date building costs for all residential, commercial, and industrial construction.  Data available for every kind of construction bid estimating job, right at your fingertips!  Let the powerful National Estimator cost estimate software crunch the numbers for you, and help you export the data to create a solid  professional estimate, construction bid, and invoice.

Increase your turnaround  - bid more jobs,  more accurately,  in less time!

Find your current local estimated prices for every common building material. Shows man-hour estimates, the recommended crew, and typical installation.  Includes all the data from the book in a computer-ready CD to get you rolling quickly and easily, plus a straightforward how-to video to walk you through your first use.

Stop figuring out job cost estimates on the back of an envelope! Squeeze every penny of profit out of every job by using these incredibly easy and accurate software costbooks:

FREE BONUS:  Automatic Monthly Updates for your data. Stay on top of fast-changing price trends. Buy a National cost book once and keep it updated throughout the year at no extra charge.

The most powerful construction bid and job costing tool in your box is a National Cost Estimator.


Contractors Licence Exam Guides


Getting your contractors license is easy with help from our Contractor License Study & Exam Guides.

Get specific information on what is most likely to be on the test.  Let experienced contractors guide you through the different sections. Practice with actual test questions and answers, plus read tips and tricks for scoring higher.

Feel confident about passing your general contractors test and getting your contractor license!

Get contractor license test help specifically for your plumbing or electrician exam. You've worked hard to get where you are, now get the credentials you need to command top dollar in your field!

Building Codes


Build it right, build it to code.  Find all the Building Codes you need - Residential, Commercial, International, Electrical, Concrete, etc.

Not just for the General Contractor - Plumbing Contractors, HVAC Contractors and Electrical Contractors will all find the specific Building Codes for their trade.

Get ADA & CARM codes and checklists, and never get caught short again. Build it to code the first time, every time, and avoid callbacks and lost profits!