Construction Webcams – University and Science Centers

Construction WebcamsUniversity of Kentucky
8 webcams documenting widespread construction and campus improvements

Indiana University
Construction webcams throughout the Indiana University campus

College Park Center
Univeristy of Texas at Arlington

University of Baltimore Law John and Frances Angelos Law Center
Two webcams are tracking the progress of construction on the new John and Frances Angelos Law Center at the University of Baltimore. Both images will automatically refresh every 60 seconds. From now until the building is finished, you can visit this page to watch the law center rise from the ground, piece by piece, hour by hour. These images capture the construction from across West Mt. Royal Avenue facing north and from across Charles Street facing north east, respectively. Penn Station and the Jones Fall Expressway are at the top of the frame. UB's Academic Center and Charles Street are to the left, and the Mt. Royal exit off the expressway is to the right.

George W. Bush Presidential Center
The George W. Bush Presidential Center project located on the Southern Methodist University Campus in Dallas, Texas. When completed, it will house the GWB presidential library.

Georgetown University Science Center
The new Science Center at Georgetown University will be a state-of-the art research and teaching center for biology, chemistry, and physics.

Brookhaven National Laboratories
United States Department Of Energy's Office of Science

Loyola Science Center
Loyola Science Center construction cam at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania

Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center campus construction cam at Fordham University, New York. The Lincoln Center campus construction webcam is located atop Lowenstein Center. The view is facing slighly west of true north, with West 62nd Street and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in the background; Columbus Avenue is on the right side of the image and Amsterdam Avenue is on the left.

W.R. Davies Student Center webcam 1
W.R. Davies Student Center webcam 2
W.R. Davies Student Center Construction Camera at Univeristy of Wisconsin, Eau Claire WI

University of Prince Edward Island
The UPEI Webcam shows construction of the new Nursing, Family and Nutritional Sciences building. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Connecticut College Science Center
Connecticut College brings you a construction webcam monitoring the construction of the new Science Center. New London, Connecticut

Shelby Hall
Shelby Hall – Engineering and Computing Sciences Building construction site as seen from the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center, University of South Alabama.

Ball State University
Seven renovation and construction webcams chronicle various university construction projects.

U of H Student Services Building
Univeristy of Hawaii Hilo Web Cam - Student Services Building (SSB) Construction. Hilo, Hawaii

CalPoly Center for Science webcam 1
CalPoly Center for Science webcam 2
CalPoly Center for Science. The project involves replacement of a portion of Cal Poly’s Science building (#52), an out-of-date, deficient and sprawling one-story building located in the heart of the Cal Poly campus, with a building that is conducive to modern needs and will accommodate enrollment growth to the master plan enrollment ceiling of 17,500 FTE. Project will provide lecture space, laboratory space, UD laboratory space and faculty offices. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California.



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